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Rawhide Wash Channelization DCR

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Project Contact: Hasan Mushtaq
Region: NE
District: 3 - Bill Gates
Phase: Planning & Studies

The Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) in partnership with the City of Phoenix (COP) and State Land Department, is conducting a Design Concept Report (DCR) for the Rawhide Wash Channelization – Scottsdale Road to the Central Arizona Project (CAP). The study area lies within the Pinnacle Peak West Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS) watershed (see map).

Why Are We Doing This DCR Study?

• FCDMC studies watersheds throughout Maricopa County to identify the location and intensity of flood hazards and risks.

• Awareness of flood hazards and risks in a community can help residents reduce risks of injury, death and property damage due to flooding.

• The recently completed Pinnacle Peak West ADMS recommended construction of the Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Project. When completed, the storm runoff will be safely conveyed from Happy Valley Road to west of Scottsdale Road through the Rawhide project area and existing channel between Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Roads.

• The Rawhide Wash Channelization DCR will evaluate/identify the best solution to convey the flood water west of Scottsdale Road to existing basins adjacent to the CAP canal.

Goals of the DCR

The primary goal of the DCR is to identify a solution that will:

• Reduce flood risks for existing and future City of Phoenix residents within the Rawhide Wash floodplain.

• Result in a smaller land area that is affected by the flood hazard, which will allow the City to remap the current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Alluvial Fan Floodplain which should reduce future development costs.

• Reduce the mandatory flood insurance requirement for future residents in this area.

Community Benefits

• Potential cost-savings for the community, current and future area residents and businesses.

• Developed recommendations on how to manage/reduce flooding and associated costs as part of the DCR.

• The study results may be used to revise the current floodplain maps with FEMA, which could reduce the size of the floodplain and lower the cost of flood insurance.

Ways to Get Involved:

• Attend HOA and public meetings to learn more about the DCR study and receive updates.

• Share your flooding photos and videos with FCDMC through the email address listed below or by uploading them to:


The first work assignment (Data Collection) will be completed mid-February 2019. The second work assignment (Alternative Channel Alignments, Hydrology & Hydraulics Analysis and Recommendations) will commence March 2019.

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