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Durango Regional Conveyance Channel (107th Ave to Agua Fria)

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Region: SW
Phase: Other Projects

The Durango Regional Conveyance Channel (DRCC) Phase 3 will complete the DRCC to its outfall to the Agua Fria River. The Project was identified in the Durango Area Drainage Master Plan and will convey 100-year storm flows from 107th Avenue west through Avondale to the Agua Fria River. Phase 1 of the DRCC was constructed between 2009 and 2011 and conveys 100-year storm flows east of 75th Avenue to a storm drain in 75th Avenue to the Salt River. Phase 2 of the DRCC is currently under construction and will convey the 100-year storm flows from 75th Avenue to a basin at 107th Avenue.


A Design Concept Report willl be developed to update the topography, hydrology and land use in the Project area and to define a recommended concept.

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