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Reems Road Channel & Basin

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Past Public Meetings

• 2/8/2005
Project Contact: Bobbie Ohler
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The project, which was identified in the White Tanks Area Drainage Master Plan, includes the construction of a channel along Reems Road and a basin near Olive Avenue to convey offsite drainage for the 100-year stormwater event to the Falcon Dunes golf course/detention basin, which drains into the Dysart Drain. Reems Road formerly carried a majority of the stormwater within the roadway prism, however large flows would overtop and break out of the existing farm berms adjacent to the roadway and flow across the farmland in a southeasterly direction. The project protects one arterial roadway, three collector roadways, the City of Surprise wastewater treatment plant, and various utilities. This is a joint project with the City of Surprise.

The City has agreed to design, fund, construct, own and maintain the project north of Peoria Road, and the District has agreed to design, fund, construct, own and maintain the project south of Peoria Road. The District's portion of the Reems Road Channel and Basin project features include an approximately 1.5-mile long earthen flood control channel west of Reems Road and a detention basin located north of Olive Avenue.


Construction is now complete. Storm-related damage repairs have also been completed.

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