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Adobe Dam/Desert Hills Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP)

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Project Contact: Afshin Ahouraiyan
Region: NE
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The purpose of this plan was to identify flooding risks and establish policies for the Adobe Dam/Desert Hills Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) area. The study identified the extent of flooding problems and developed alternative solutions to flooding problems for the entire Adobe Dam/Desert Hills Watersheds.

The Adobe Dam/Desert Hills ADMP also links management of the watershed to implementation of the Skunk Creek and Cave Creek/Apache Wash Watercourse Master Plans. Successful implementation of the Skunk Creek Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP) is dependent upon diligent and ongoing management of the watershed that runs through the Adobe Dam/Desert Hills ADMP and Cave Creek/Apache Wash WCMP.

The two major objectives of the study were (1) to develop a plan to control and prevent flood damage within the watershed, and (2) to mitigate the potential increase in runoff due to development and to preserve the ability of Skunk Creek and Apache and Paradise Washes to carry stormwater.


The study was completed in 2004 and the recommended drainage plan was adopted by the Flood Control District’s Board of Directors. Due to lack of funding by the partnering agencies, the elements of the recommended plan have not been implemented to date. Reports resulting from the study are available at the Flood Control District’s library.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
Conceptual Aesthetic Treatments of Levees and Channels PDF
Current Problems PDF 385 KB
Desert Hills - Areas Considered for Structural Alternative PDF
Desert Hills - Recommended Structural Alternative PDF
Desert Hills - Structural Alternative PDF 3.73 MB
Flyer September 2004 PDF
Handout September 2004 PDF
New River - Areas Considered for Structural Alternative PDF
New River - Recommended Structural Alternative PDF
New River - Structural Alternative PDF 565 KB
Newsletter November 2002 PDF 1.45 MB
Newsletter November 2003 PDF 757 KB
Phoenix Subarea - Recommended Structural Alternative PDF
Phoenix Subarea -Areas Considered for Structural Alternative PDF
Phoenix/CAP Canal - Structural Alternative PDF 372 KB
Planning Process PDF 198 KB
Planning Process PDF 266 KB
Planning Process PDF
Postcard Update July 2004 PDF 718 KB
Public Meeting Mailer August 2004 PDF 1.5 MB
Public Meeting Notice August 2004 PDF 1.8 MB
Recommended Alternative PDF
Study Area PDF
Study Area PDF 520 KB
Study Area PDF 555 KB
Study Area Subarears PDF 423 KB
Study Schedule PDF 264 KB
Study Subareas PDF
Typical Problems PDF 627 KB
Why Are We Here? PDF 259 KB

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