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Carefree Drainage Master Plan

Public Meetings

Currently there are no public meetings scheduled for this project.

Past Public Meetings

• 1/22/2003
• 5/22/2002
Project Contact: Felicia Terry
Region: NE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The purpose of this Drainage Master Plan (DMP) was to identify drainage problems and cost-effective solutions for emergency access and storm water management within the town of Carefree. The DMP was intended to serve the town as an effective tool to reduce existing flooding and improve access during major storm events.

It was also intended to ensure that any new development's flood damage potential is minimized, that consistent floodplain and drainage guidelines are followed, and that any new development does not adversely impact existing drainage or floodplain conditions.


The DMP is completed and is being used by the Town of Carefree to manage flooding and drainage issues within the Town’s limits.

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