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Rio Verde ADMP

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• 7/19/2007
• 5/20/2003
• 8/6/2002
• 1/15/2002
Project Contact: Kathryn Gross
Region: NE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The area of study for the Rio Verde plan encompasses 50 square miles and is located in northeastern Maricopa County. It is bounded on the east by the Verde River, on the north by the Tonto National Forest, on the west by the 115th Street Alignment, and on the south by the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

Growth and development in the Rio Verde area began in the 1970s. Recently, due to the proximity and rural setting of the area, Rio Verde's population increased significantly, with the area rapidly developing one-acre single-lot family residences and subdivisions. The District identified that this development was having a significant impact on Rio Verde’s drainage needs and flood protection.

The purpose of the Rio Verde Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) was to identify the flooding problems, flooding sources, and flooding hazards in the Rio Verde area. The District conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the area that will help to prevent development from being flooded by a 100-year storm event. The District utilized public input to develop a recommended plan that maximizes flood hazard protection, centered on the delineatiation the flood hazard areas.

If you would like to see the floodplain or the 2-Dimensional Modeling Map for this area online, click on the "View 100-Year FEMA Effective and Preliminary Floodplain Maps" or "Rio Verde Area Drainage Master Plan 2-Dimensional Modeling Map" link under Map Applications.


The ADMP is complete. The 100-year floodplain delineations have been finalized and were submitted to FEMA. FEMA has approved the floodplains and the removal of the existing floodways. It will take time for FEMA to revise the maps.

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ADMP Project Overview PDF 394 KB
ADMP Study Schedule PDF 560 KB
Memo on Regulating Floodplains in Rio Verde PDF 677 KB
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Rio Verde Survey Results PDF 430 KB
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Why Are We Here? PDF 292 KB

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