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Skunk Creek Floodprone Properties Acquisition

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Project Contact: John Hathaway
Region: N
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The Skunk Creek Watercourse Master Plan recommended the voluntary acquisition of 13 homes in the Upper Skunk Creek floodprone area. These homes were constructed prior to the area’s delineation; residents would have less than a 40-minute response time in a flooding emergency, and a high risk of injury or property damage. The area was subject to frequent, high velocity, deep flows. Property acquisition was determined to be a more efficient mechanism for mitigating this flooding hazard than a structural flood protection system.

Under this project, nine homeowners were ultimately relocated. Homes and other structures have been removed, and trees and other vegetation have been planted to reintroduce native vegetation to the disturbed areas.


The project was completed in 2004.

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