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Scottsdale Road Corridor Drainage Improvements

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Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: NE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The Scottsdale Road Corridor Drainage Master Plan recommended several projects to improve drainage within the City of Scottsdale, including the 71st Street Storm Drain & Mescal Basin Improvements Project and theĀ Scottsdale Road Channel (from the intersection of Thunderbird Road to Sweetwater Avenue).

The 71st Street Storm Drain & Mescal Basin Improvements Project conveys the storm flow coming from a concrete channel just north of Sunnyside Drive, via a pipe system, into the channel just north of Mescal Street. Previously, flow traveled through residentsā€™ property causing flooding and driving hazards. The storm drain system was designed for a storm event up to a 10-year frequency. The improvements completed in Mescal Basin included construction of a concrete cap along the south levee and regrading of the south slope. These improvements were required to prevent a breach of the south levee during a 100-year storm event.

The Scottsdale Road Channel ties into an existing closed storm drain system south of Sweetwater Avenue.

The District and City partnered to complete both projects, with the former being led by the District and the latter by the City, with construction having been accomplished in concert with Scottsdale Road roadway improvements. All associated structures are owned, operated and maintained by the City.


Construction is complete.

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