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The online library catalog search shows engineering documents such as studies, reports, technical resources, structure plans, and drainage study maps that are available for viewing at the Flood Control District (District) offices and, in many cases, that can be downloaded directly. No physical materials can be checked out from the District, but uncopyrighted materials may be copied at the current reprographic rates or downloaded and printed subject to specified usage terms. *GIS request costs will vary and for information on purchasing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, please visit the GIS Data Requests page.

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Commonly Downloaded Files

  1. Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Volume I Hydrology - revised 12/14/18 (PDF)
  2. Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Volume II Hydraulics - revised 12/14/18 (PDF)
  3. Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Volume III Erosion - revised 7/30/18 (PDF)
  4. Drainage Policies and Standards Manual for Maricopa County - revised 8/22/18 (PDF)
  5. Standard Details (PDF)
  6. Standard Procedures (PDF)

For general information regarding documents located in the library, contact us at:

Flood Control District of Maricopa County
2801 W. Durango St.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
p: 602-506-1501
f: 602-506-4601

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