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Project Name: On-Call - Central Mesa Floodplain Delineation Study



Target Advertisement Date: 9/29/2022

Message: Please be reminded that you are to have no contact with FCD Staff on any open solicitation. This would include any past project partners, past employees, etc. Should you need to seek information on this project, please refer to FCD Contract Services staff.

Description: This contract will be assignment-based and will evaluate and re-delineate, if necessary, the floodplains along the Roosevelt Water Conservation District, Eastern, and Consolidated Canals. This will involve updating the hydrology/hydraulics for approximately 22 square miles within a portion of the City of Mesa. The study will develop comprehensive, detailed FLO-2D models. Other supporting tasks include data collection, supplemental field survey (as needed), and public outreach. Once the modeling has been completed, the existing floodplains along the canals will be evaluated to determine if updates to the floodplains are warranted. If the comparison reveals updates are necessary, the model results will be used to re-delineate the floodplains and a FEMA submittal will be prepared.