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Project Name: Middle Indian Bend Wash ADMS


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Project Type: Study

Project Description:

Middle Indian Bend Wash ADMS
The Middle Indian Bend Wash Area Drainage Master Study is a regional drainage study to be conducted by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. The study will analyze 30 square miles, covering northern Paradise Valley and portions of north east Phoenix. The study is bounded by the Central Arizona Project canal to the north, the Phoenix Mountains Preserves’ ridgelines to the south, the eastern boundary of the Upper East Fork of Cave Creek ADMS to the west and the Lower Indian Bend Wash ADMS to the south (see study area map). The area is mainly residential with some commercial corridors along major roadways.

The Middle Indian Bend Wash study is a restudy of a portion of the District’s 1978 Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix Drainage Study, which covered 64 square miles. In 2000, a portion of the original study, approximately 9.2 square miles, was restudied as part of the Scottsdale Road Corridor Drainage Master Plan.

In the Middle Indian Bend Wash study area there are approximately 44,000 structures with an estimated population of 99,000. The study will be studied to reflect the changes in the area using updated detailed 2-foot contour mapping and a more technically sound approach to hazard identification.

The purpose of the Middle Indian Bend Wash study is to investigate, identify and assess existing flooding problems. A comprehensive list of known flooding problems impacting the study area will be produced through collection of past flooding information provided by the city of Phoenix and the town of Paradise Valley, as well as review of previous drainage studies that have identified drainage issues. Public meetings will be held to gather information on flooding problems from study area residents.

A comprehensive FLO-2D model will be developed using the updated 2-foot contour mappings developed for the study. The 100-year and 10-year 6- and 24-hour storms will be considered. The final products of the FLO-2D models will be a series of maps depicting flow rates and flow depths for the study area.

Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix Drainage Study (completed in 1978)
The Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix watershed, which includes Maricopa County Supervisor Districts 2 and 3, extended from 56th Street to Pima Road, and from the Granite Reef Aqueduct to Indian Bend Wash. This study area was subdivided into three sections: Project A, following the main 56th Street alignment; Project B, following the main 64th Street alignment; and Project C, following the main Scottsdale Road alignment. Hydrology and hydraulics studies for the project area were carried out over several years, concluding in 1978. The study area was characterized by single family homes, with a total of 708 residential properties being potentially affected by flood control projects (at the time of the study).

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Project Complete
Posted On: 5/23/2020 2:51:59 PM

After updating and finalizing the FLO-2D models the consultant submitted the Data Collection Report and H&H Report. Both reports are in the FCD library.

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