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Project Name: Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Project


Project Manager: Nazar Nabaty
Contact by phone at (602) 506-4592 or by email

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Project Type: Engineering/Design

Project Description:

The project will design and construct a levee system to contain the 100-year flood along Rawhide Wash in Scottsdale. The project limits are from Pinnacle Peak Road to a half mile north of Happy Valley Road. The design phase will identify needed improvements to the existing walls and levees.  This will allow them to meet FEMA’s requirements. New walls and levees may be added as needed. When the design is completed, it will be submitted for FEMA review. 

The project was originally formulated as the conveyance alternative in the Pinnacle Peak West Area Master Drainage Study. Rawhide Wash is currently identified on FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps as an active alluvial fan floodplain with high flows during major storm events. There are more than 850 buildings located with the FEMA delineated Special Flood Hazard Area. The implementation of this project has the potential of mapping these buildings out of the floodplain. 

Last Updated: 3/19/2021 3:35:32 PM

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Design for the project is almost complete. This public meeting will give updates on design and construction process as well as address next steps for the County, cities and public.

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