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Project Name: White Tanks FRS No. 4 Outlet


Project Manager: Dan Frank
Contact by phone at (602) 506-4073 or by email

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Project Type: Construction

Project Description:

The District is implementing an outlet connection to the Gila River for the White Tanks Flood Retarding Structure (FRS) No. 4.  This dam was originally constructed by the US Soil Conservation Service (now called the Natural Resources Conservation Service) and is operated and maintained by the District.  The dam extends from the Tuthill Road alignment to Jackrabbit Trail near the Van Buren Street alignment.  The contributing watershed for the dam includes a southeast portion of the White Tank Mountains.  Currently, outflows from the structure flow to the south in an overland fashion.

The proposed corridor for the outlet is within the right-of-way of Van Buren Street, from west of Jackrabbit Trail to west of Cotton Lane.  The outlet will discharge into the future Loop 303 Outfall Channel just west of Cotton Lane.  The project construction will include the installation of an underground storm drainpipe (up to 7.5 feet of inside diameter), relocating utilities as necessary and replacing the affected portions of Van Buren Street pavement.

The outlet project is part of three interconnecting drainage projects within the White Tanks watershed area. On the upstream side, the White Tanks FRS No. 4 Rehabilitation project will improve the longevity and function of this flood control dam and will include new features that will connect to the outlet.  The Loop 303 Outfall Channel, located within the future Loop 303 freeway corridor, will receive stormwater from the proposed outlet.  When these projects are completed, the White Tanks FRS No. 4 will have a drain down connection to the Gila River.

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