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Project Name: Sun City West Drain Improvements


Project Manager: Frank Hakari
Contact by phone at (602) 506-2943 or by email

Project is in Supervisor District:

  • District 1: False
  • District 2: False
  • District 3: False
  • District 4: True
  • District 5: False

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Project Type: Construction

Project Description:

The project’s channels range in age from 30 to 60 years. A study by staff developed a prioritized list of 16 locations needing major repairs. They are in various states of needing repairs and their condition is beyond what normal maintenance activities address. The work will include improved structures and some new maintenance access ramps where feasible.

Last Updated: 5/24/2022 8:13:44 AM

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Project Status
Posted On: 3/14/2022 9:27:31 AM

Project Construction is anticipated to start in May 2022. FPS Civil is the low bidder contractor selected to construct this project.  

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